Special Projects

While the bulk of this blog is and will be the painful chapter-by-chapter exploration of the Biblical texts, I do plan on supplementing this with more focused distillations of Biblical trivia that may or may not be of use to anyone ever.

Here are some I’m planning. Some might end up as regular posts.

A Quick and Dirty Guide to the Documentary Hypothesis. J, E, P, WTF?

The Names of YHWH. Exploration of the Hebrew titles for their deity; Why YHWH is written so weirdly.

The Fourteen or So Tribes of Israel. The list of loosely affiliated tribes that made up premonarchic Israel was not always the canonical “twelve”. Learn to tell Dan from Gad.

Jonathan and David: How Gay? Sources say “probably totally.”

Who the Fuck Are The Edomites? A who’s who of the bewildering number of peoples the Israelites fought against. Did you know the Philistines were Mycenaean Greeks? (Well, I didn’t.)

Prophetic Context. This one’s a bit ambitious, and it will have to wait until I’ve read the NT, but I want to explore the true context of New Testament prophecies. We all know that the NT writers invented novel ways for Jesus to fulfil OT “prophecies”, but what is the historical/textual context of the original statements?

The Septuagint vs the Masoretic Text. The various text-traditions (in their various languages) of the various Bibles. How they diverged. Why they gave us the Apocrypha.

A Heathen’s Guide to Hebrew. The basics of Hebrew writing/phonology, common name elements, how, why, and when vowel markings were added and what that means.

Okay I’m joking about the Jonathan and David one. (Wait, no, I wasn’t.)


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