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Through bored link-surfing I quite randomly stumbled upon this post, a blog carnival at Dr. Jim’s Thinking Shop and/or Secular Bible Blog. Check it out. Now. There’s a wide mix of content, sceptical, scholarly, evangelical manuscript analysis, revisionists (the decalogue … Continue reading

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Atheist Bible Scholar “Discovers” God’s Wife

I’ve been toiling on a book review of Did God Have a Wife?, a ridiculously fascinating book on archaeology and Israelite religion by William Devers. I suck at the write, so my review probably won’t see the light of day. But a … Continue reading

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NOVA Documentary: The Bible’s Buried Secrets

While I’m finishing the post on Samson, I thought I’d share this very interesting NOVA documentary on Biblical archaeology, the origin of the Israelites, and the Documentary Hypothesis. It has the rather vague title “The Bible’s Buried Secrets.” If you … Continue reading

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