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Chapter-by-chapter review of The Bible

Jonathan David

Probably the most important issue raised by the reading of 1st Samuel is the nature of the relationship between Jonathan, son of Saul, and David, the future King. Some people speculate that there was something “gay” or “super gay” to … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Atheists Godcast: Judges

The group Oklahoma Atheists invited me to join their KJV discussion podcast, the “Weekly Inebriated Scriptural Exegesis And Source Study”. Despite not being from Oklahoma, and having a slight case of the sniffles, I joined the fray for a tour of … Continue reading

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1st Samuel 4-6: Arkane Lore

1st Samuel 4 So we begin three delightful chapters of Ark-centric mischief. Chapter 4 seems to be intact. It consists of two tales: a war story, and the death of Eli (spoilers). Both are deeply connected to the preceding narrative of … Continue reading

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1st Samuel 1-3: Here I am!

Welcome to 1st Samuel. This is the first part of a mammoth work, comprising the four books of Samuel and Kings. They’re divvied up in various ways in different traditions; you probably know them as 1st Samuel, 2nd Samuel, 1st … Continue reading

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Judges 19-21: It’s All About the Benjaminites

The last three chapters of Judges all revolve around Gibeah, a town in Benjamin. These chapters are closely interrelated. Chapter 19 is rare in that it consists of a single coherent narrative- I see almost no sign of editing. Chapter … Continue reading

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Judges 17-18: An Ephod and Teraphim

17 The next Judge is… uh… well, nobody. The rest of the Book of Judges is judgeless. They really did forsake Yahweh this time, huh? Chapters 17 and 18 are a weird amalgamation of several stories about Micah the Ephraimite, his nebulously identified priest, … Continue reading

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Judges 14-16: Samson!

Three chapters are devoted to the wild and crazy adventures of the He-Man from Mahaneh-dan. According to the OSE, “modern criticism considers these stories choice examples of early Israelite folklore.” The story of Samson and Delilaha is the most well-known … Continue reading

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