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Oklahoma Atheists Godcast: Judges

The group Oklahoma Atheists invited me to join their KJV discussion podcast, the “Weekly Inebriated Scriptural Exegesis And Source Study”. Despite not being from Oklahoma, and having a slight case of the sniffles, I joined the fray for a tour of … Continue reading

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Atheist Bible Scholar “Discovers” God’s Wife

I’ve been toiling on a book review of Did God Have a Wife?, a ridiculously fascinating book on archaeology and Israelite religion by William Devers. I suck at the write, so my review probably won’t see the light of day. But a … Continue reading

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1st Samuel 4-6: Arkane Lore

1st Samuel 4 So we begin three delightful chapters of Ark-centric mischief. Chapter 4 seems to be intact. It consists of two tales: a war story, and the death of Eli (spoilers). Both are deeply connected to the preceding narrative of … Continue reading

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The Documents of the Hexateuch

I do not pretend to be an expert of source criticism of the Bible. In truth, I’ve read a couple of books about the Documentary Hypothesis, and not from a wide variety of authors. I have a lot to learn. … Continue reading

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General Update

I quite unfortunately stumbled upon Project:The King and I, an atheist-led blog dedicated to a year-long reading of the King James Version for it’s 400th anniversary. I only say “unfortunately” because the reading schedule is fairly intense and I have found … Continue reading

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1st Samuel 1-3: Here I am!

Welcome to 1st Samuel. This is the first part of a mammoth work, comprising the four books of Samuel and Kings. They’re divvied up in various ways in different traditions; you probably know them as 1st Samuel, 2nd Samuel, 1st … Continue reading

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Judges 19-21: It’s All About the Benjaminites

The last three chapters of Judges all revolve around Gibeah, a town in Benjamin. These chapters are closely interrelated. Chapter 19 is rare in that it consists of a single coherent narrative- I see almost no sign of editing. Chapter … Continue reading

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