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Deathmatch: Darby vs WEB

For an upcoming project I’ve been trying to find a non-copyrighted translation of the Bible. I was astonished how hard these are to come by. For some strange reason, God’s word needs to be protected by puny human copyright law. … Continue reading

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Ten Commandments Wrong Ones: Pastor

Hi, I’m busy this week reading a lot of Proverbs. As filler, here is an article my cousin in Missouri forwarded to me. Real update coming soon! -Abbie Ten Commandments Wrong Ones: Pastor By Paula Sandmel Hebron, Missouri- Have you … Continue reading

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Lying the Good Lie

I’m bending the rules here. This blog is ostensibly about the Bible from an atheist’s perspective. But this post isn’t about the Bible. Hey it’s my blog and I guess I can break my non-existent rules. This post is about an … Continue reading

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Through bored link-surfing I quite randomly stumbled upon this post, a blog carnival at Dr. Jim’s Thinking Shop and/or Secular Bible Blog. Check it out. Now. There’s a wide mix of content, sceptical, scholarly, evangelical manuscript analysis, revisionists (the decalogue … Continue reading

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Found in the Ground #1: The Mesha Stele

This is the first in a series of posts about important artefacts/archaeological sites that relate to the historicity of the Bible. I’m not out to “disprove the Bible”, but to explore the complicated relationship between the biblical texts and the archaeological reality. Found … Continue reading

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Pod-casting Lots

Since I have zero interest in revisiting 1st Samuel whilst there’s so much new awesome stuff coming up, I really doubt I will get back to my chapter-by-chapter exegesis anytime soon. But not to worry! I continue to contribute to … Continue reading

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Jonathan David

Probably the most important issue raised by the reading of 1st Samuel is the nature of the relationship between Jonathan, son of Saul, and David, the future King. Some people speculate that there was something “gay” or “super gay” to … Continue reading

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