Through bored link-surfing I quite randomly stumbled upon this post, a blog carnival at Dr. Jim’s Thinking Shop and/or Secular Bible Blog.

Check it out. Now. There’s a wide mix of content, sceptical, scholarly, evangelical manuscript analysis, revisionists (the decalogue is post-exile? Really???), Doctor Who, etc. Also, it seems the JEPD hypothesis isn’t dead after all.

My cup runneth over. I’ve just been introduced to so many great blogs, I will not have time to actually eat lunch ever again.

Anyway, by some accident, two of my posts ended up on this list. I was quite surprised to see my Jonathan David post was cited. And I’m pleased that the Meshe Stele post was included as well (I’m prouder of that one.)

Better than Esdras began a series of posts on important finds with a well illustrated article on the Moabite Stone exploring the troubled space between biblical representation of the past and archaeological evidence

Shit, that means I have to actually make it a series of posts.

Anyway, this explains the weird traffic bump a few weeks back. I would have swept if I knew guests were coming!

So, quick Esdrasy update: still participating in the Oklahoma Atheists (even though I’ve never been to Oklahoma) bible study podcast every week. 2nd Kings just landed on iTunes (hi mom, I’m on iTunes!) Working on the Elisha/Elijah post. Just finished reading the Book of Ezra. And wow, Ezra is a douchebag.

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One Response to Carnival’d!

  1. D4M10N says:

    If you thought Ezra was a douche-bag, just wait until we get to King Ahasuerus. His best line in the book must be delivered with the inflection of a thoroughly soused drunk-dialler “Hey hot mama, come shake it for the courtiers! And don’t forget the Crown Royal.”

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