Oklahoma Atheists Godcast: Judges

The group Oklahoma Atheists invited me to join their KJV discussion podcast, the “Weekly Inebriated Scriptural Exegesis And Source Study”. Despite not being from Oklahoma, and having a slight case of the sniffles, I joined the fray for a tour of the Book of Judges, from Othniel to Samson. Also covered: Jebus.

I was pretty nervous for the first half (never done a podcast before!) but it went well. I’ll be be back to discuss Ruth/1st Samuel next week. (And I will probably have worse sniffles.)

The podcast is split into two parts: Part One, Part Two. Of course, catch up on the rest!

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3 Responses to Oklahoma Atheists Godcast: Judges

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  2. Bruce says:

    Great! with your permission, I’d like to link to this page so people can listen.

  3. Abbie says:

    Of course! You should probably just link to the Oklahoma Atheists blog, but its entry isn’t updated past Judges yet. I also participated in Ruth and it’s already up on iTunes, 1st Samuel pt 1 is pending.

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