General Update

I quite unfortunately stumbled upon Project:The King and I, an atheist-led blog dedicated to a year-long reading of the King James Version for it’s 400th anniversary. I only say “unfortunately” because the reading schedule is fairly intense and I have found myself completely sucked in. I tried to resist, but I have thrown in the towel and will be reading along for the year. (Not with ye olde KJV, but my trusty New English Bible.)

This means that my posting frequency here will no doubt decrease- because I will be busy in the bustling comment threads over there. But I will continue my in-depth posts when I get a chance. (And maybe get to some of those “Future Projects”.)

-אביגיל aka Abbie (I’m sick of being called Esdras, okay? :-P)

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2 Responses to General Update

  1. Bruce says:

    I’m sorry you feel that your blog may suffer but we’re VERY happy to have you contributing at The King and I!

  2. אביגיל says:

    Nah, not suffer. It’s a long-term project anyway. The amount I’m learning (plus the drive to actually get the reading over with) far outweighs the delay. Plus all my posts can serve as first drafts or head starts for here. Mwahaha.

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