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Joshua 9-21

9 If you’ve visited the Temple in Jerusalem, you may have noticed a certain group of slaves chopping the wood and drawing the water. These folks are the Gibeonites (aka Hittites), and Chapter 9 of Joshua explains how they became … Continue reading

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Joshua 8: Altared States

8 So Joshua and the rest of his gang try, try again and succeed in slaughtering Ai properly, killing all 12,000 citizens, burning it to the ground, and hanging the king. Christ on a cracker, what a bunch of savages. … Continue reading

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Joshua 5-7

5 God orders Joshua to hold a circumcision party at Gibeath-haaraloth (or Gilgal.) So Joshua whips out a flint knife and mutilates his men’s penises. The study notes shed some light on this barbaric custom: “Circumcision was primitively a rite … Continue reading

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Joshua 1-4

1 Joshua begins with a command from God to Moses’s successor, Joshua, son of Nun: 1:2 My servant Moses is dead; now it is for you to cross the Jordan, you and this whole people of Israel, to the land … Continue reading

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